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Frequently asked questions


Do I need to register to attend a class?

Yes please. If you are unable to book and pay through the online booking form, please email me to make an alternative arrangement

What should I wear to class?

Wear clothing that you are able to move freely and easily in, which does not restrict you. In the cooler weather, it might be nice to bring along something to keep you warm. 

What should I bring to class?

Bring along a yoga mat and towel (this can be used as prop), plus anything else which will make you comfortable. 


What is Reiki?

Reiki is energy healing where the practitioner uses gentle touch or hovering hand movements over the body. 

What are the benefits of reiki?

Reiki works to balance the energies of the body and promote healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. Recipients often report feeling more energised and clear headed after a session. 

What should I wear to a reiki session?

Wear clothing that you are most comfortable in, and that you are able to lay still in for a period of time. 

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