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Weekly yoga classes

Join me at 5pm each Monday at Langlands Park Memorial Pool in Stones Corner, QLD  for a one hour gentle flow.

Kellie in mindfulness practice

Classes start with a gentle vinyasa flow, linking your breath with movement. From there we  move into yin where we hold the poses a little longer, becoming still. Each class will include some gentle breathwork or pranayama. You'll be guided through a class to gently stretch and strengthen your muscles while promoting relaxation and stress relief. It is a great option for beginners, older adults, or anyone looking for a gentle yoga experience which is nourishing.

Teacher / Guide

Kellie Colahan

Kellie discovered yoga 20 years ago, but it was through her 350 hour teacher training in 2017 that her practice became much deeper.


She incorporates the true essence of yoga in her classes, creating a union between body, mind, breath and spirituality. She is trained in both vinyasa and yin yoga and has a special interest in trauma informed yoga and mental health. 


Reiki sessions

Balance your energy and begin your healing journey with a private one hour reiki session. Email to request a time.

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